Coffee Capsules


Your recycling mission: 
Collect at least 50 coffee capsules of any brand and win 5 HomeCycle points.
To avoid any leakage, please put the capsules in the recycling bags provided by your preferred coffee brand or put them in 2 traditional grocery plastic bags.
Points are awarded by multiple of 50 capsules:
0-49 capsules = 0 HomeCycle points
50-99 capsules = 5 HomeCycle points
100-149 capsules = 10 HomeCycle points

Why it is important to recycle them:
Coffee capsules are made of several materials.
There is of course coffee, which is organic waste and can be composted (very fertile by the way!).
Then, depending on the brand, the capsules are made of aluminum, plastic, paper or a mix thereof, which can all be recycled.
This recycling can however only take place if you keep your capsules separate from the general garbage, as the would otherwise not be "recognized" by the big municipal recycling machines.