HomeCycle is a 100% free service to help your recycle without leaving the comfort of your home!

We have identified items that are used every day, yet have no solution to be recycled with the traditional waste management systems. Thanks to your participation, HomeCycle separates those items BEFORE they enter the waste stream and hence it becomes possible to recycle them.

Check which items we are currently recycling and join the campaigns you are interested in. There is no limit: you can join as many as you want!

Once you have collected the desired number of items, go back to your dashboard on www.homecycle.org and request a pick-up. We will come and collect your recyclables, and you will earn points which you can later redeem for cool prizes: discount vouchers, charity donations and even cash!


Your recycling mission: Collect 30 cans from any brand and receive 3 HomeCycle points. Please compress the cans so you can put even ...

Your recycling mission: Collect 30 MonViso bottles of any size. MonViso will recycle these bottles and donate all the proceeds to t ...

Your recycling mission: Collect at least 50 coffee capsules of any brand and win 5 HomeCycle points. To avoid any leakage, pl ...

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